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June 24, 2016
San Jose and the Bay Area, CA
Mar Elias
Address: Our Heart
Palm Sunday

Once again our community showed their unity in an extraordinary fashion. Over a hundred of St Elias family showed up for Palm Sunday services at St. Thomas More in San Francisco. The Action Committee made arrangements for a lunch to follow the services, at the Good Frikin Chicken.
The restaurant and owner showed amazing hospitality and generosity. Food was delicious and 85 of our family had enjoyed every bite and every minute.

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Good Friday

Good Friday services were a great success every years, and this year was no exception. Over 130 adults and 15 kids participated in this event. It was another example of the great work that the Action Committee is achieving to keep our family united and focused on our Christianity. This unity would not have been this strong if it wasn't for the belief and love of all of those who showed up for this event, so, many  many thanks to all of you, the members of our family.

Special thanks to those who worked so hard to make this a reality, namely:
- The Action Committee members
- Tony Noujaim, our cantor, for leading our choir and making Good Friday so memorable
- Mouna Faris for her angelic voice
- Hiisham Shahtout for conducting the music and leading on the piano
- Faraj Khoury, oud
- Juliana Shihadeh, violin
- Members of the choir: Maro Massoud, Nabil Damouny, Samir Damouny, Joseph Lahlouh, Samer Banna and Francis Lahlouh
- Therese Lahlouh for building a new beautiful coffin
- Ali Ballou for his tenacity and photography
- Samer Banna for his dedication and extra hard work to make this week so special
- To all the rest who worked behind the scene

Finally special thanks and gratitude to Abouna Fady for inviting all of us to participate in these services and to Fr. Tito and his community for allowing us to use the Transfiguration Church.

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Message from the Action Committee

We like to extend our best wishes and gratitude for an extraordinary season of Lent and Paschal celebration - one that demonstrated our true Christian unity, thanks to the MANY dedicated volunteers!

This year was very special, as we reached out to other Eastern and Western churches who embraced us unconditionally. Not only their congregations, but also their Dioceses who welcomed us with compassion, humility and most importantly love - the love of Christ. We are all united in Christ, no matter our denomination.

May God bless us all as we celebrate the resurrection of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Christ is Risen ... He is truly Risen!

Note: If you missed our beautiful Holy Week celebrations, you will be able to watch our videos soon!

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Holy Saturday

Holy Saturday services were as joyful and successful as those of Palm Sunday and Good Friday. The true faithful poured the church, as over 115 adults came to celebrate the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ.

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It is said that a picture is worth thousand words. A family from our community, visiting lebanon, sent to the website the pictures below, taken at the Melkite Archdiocese in Beirut, during a liturgy led by Archbishop Cyril Bustros.

For those who are still living in the middle ages, who believe that traditions are sacred, please come out from the darkness and step into the future.

Archbishop Bustros. Check the backYoung girls leading the aler boysYoung alter boysA female reading the epistle