The King and His Son         

There was a king B who adopted a son S. Among the villages of his kingdom, there was that small one that for years was suffering, financially and socially. The village was not able to pay its taxes, and could not finish building its hall.

No governor could have any success with this community. Apparently it was a very mixed community. They came to this kingdom seeking refuge and security. They escaped the atrocities and the persecutions committed against them in their old kingdoms.  They were united  by their language, which was a strange one to those governors, and by their faith.

One year, a very noble man was passing through, and he knew the language and started communicating with the people of this village. He saw the potential that they have. This noble man, postponed his journey and started working with the villagers. Together they put plans to improve their productivity and to build a school.

Their plans were working like a charm. They held meetings, fund raising events and raised a lot of money for their goals. They were paying their loans, and they started thinking seriously of building their new school.

Meanwhile, the adopted son of the king had his own ambitions. He told his father that he can do a better job than the noble man. He managed to squeeze himself in, and the king listened to his appeals and appointed him as the governor of this village. Now this son, was from the other tribes, he did not speak the language of the villagers, and he wanted to lead with the sword of his father.

From the first day he took over the village, he stopped all activities the villagers were doing. He dismantled all the groups that were doing the work in the village. He asked them to change their language and adopt that of the kingdom, to forget their habits and follow the old traditions of the kingdom.

Within a few months, the villagers were dispirited and they lost their hopes. But despite all that, they kept their hands stretched to help and support the new governor. They tried so hard to narrow the gap and to mend the broken trust. The more they tried, the more the governor tightened the noose. They reached out to the king, explaining that the village is falling apart.

Meanwhile, the king in his palace, had both ears open only to his adopted son. Apparently the son was feeding him with all false information and data. The son was so sneaky, that even the king with all his wisdom, fell for his tricks. He believed all his lies, to the point that he wouldn’t listen to the elders of the village, he turned down all their pleas and petitions. The king refused to meet with them and listen to their side of the story.

Who would blame the king? Which parent would not believe his son over strangers’ stories? The king was even heard telling stories that have no origin. But again he was repeating what his son had told him.

Finally the king decided to visit the village. It was too late. When he arrived, the villagers had left the village. The king got upset but the irony is that the king started blaming the villagers.

In this time the villagers moved to another area, outside the kingdom. They stuck together like one family, united, vowing in one voice that they will return to their village and reclaim their properties and their fortune that the son has taken from them wrongfully.

This is a story that happened hundreds of years ago. Some believe it is a true story,
others say it is a fiction. There is no way to tell. Here how it goes.
The author of this story, is still looking in the libraries for its ending
happy ending inshallah

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May 29, 2016
Mar Elias
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